вторник, 17 октомври 2017 г.

Halloween Card - Darkness Falls

Autumn is here. Halloween is coming! Since I was a child I've been watching Halloween movies imaging how magical this holiday is. We do not celebrate Halloween in Bulgaria as this is a catholic celebration, while we are orthodox. Nevertheless, I am really curious about this holiday and love the feeling about it. I visited Boston, USA, around the end of October, 2015, and I felt really excited seeing all house decorations in the neighbourhood.

 I made these little potion bottles as I love making dollhouse miniatures too. This is my other passion. I also made some sweets to add more 3D.

I would like to participate in:

И понеже има тиква на тази моя Хелоуинска картичка и аз ще пека тиква скоро, бих искала да участвам и в предизвикателството на Картишок "Тикви". И тиквеник ми се яде, значи скоро само да се наканя и ще направя :)

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